Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Dear life,

I missed the moment when we were just a lamp of flesh, we knew nothing about what bad is, all we knew that time was truth. Never did we lie those days, most says that we had direct connection with god. That is what everybody says the moment of innocence.

I once saw a bamboo bud growing nearby and year later I found that it has grown to a full shoot, on contrary it, I found that the shoot was doping down to earth, I was really sad to see that the bamboo grew old just in one year. You know, you and I have been travelling together and experienced lot about what goes around us but the feeling of growing old has never over power our greed, so do you feel that we are travelling right direction?

One night I was just trying to close my eyes to see what tomorrow has got for me, suddenly I saw a wall lizard moving gently and approaching its prey, to my surprise I saw that concentration that the lizard has put was rewarded, poor moth was in his mouth,,,

Ah!! I just remembered about ant’s teamwork, the way they put together their effort to take a piece of grain from far off place to their home, most find it amazing but to me it’s just fool doing foolishness, what I find in it is that they are wasting their energy, the reason they search food is to gain energy but they lose energy in doing it, that is foolishness,,,

I miss those days when we use to take watermelon and the way that we played with the seeds, we use to tease each other with the seeds, by blowing it to each other. The night walk where we feared the presence of ghost and we use to have the fresh night air despite the fear of dark, should I call those moment a night phobia??

Feels like I am going bit too much into what I can’t afford to have, but nevertheless let’s pray that those moment come back to us.

Looking forward to see those moments……





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  1. Nice one Namtruel, I know u have got a potential to play with words like we alys say. Keep going and I hope to read many more :)