Wednesday, September 4, 2013

My random thoughts:

I shall fly the plane of redemption,
and shall shore the sea of contemplation,
revive the pain of dejection,
and shall live the way I am to live.

you travel the path I don't take,
you speak language that I cant speak,
you follow dream that I never thought,
but still I follow the path that you lead.

my feet finds no thorn when I follow you,
my eyes never blinks when I see you,
you have taken me far away,
from where I cant make my way back.

I see myself falling apart,
begging you the seed of consignment,
for you have taken me far,
I need to find my way back.

lets reap the grain of fellowship,
and sail the dream of friendship,
pray the wisdom of loveliness,
and salute the days with youthful thoughts.