Thursday, October 10, 2013

Crying???? NO!!! Trying??? YES! YES! YES!!!!

Glare vision perpetuates the colour around,
Lifted heart that once drowned deep,
In the ocean of deception,
Paved a way out, bold with suppressive manipulation.

Drifting tear from her blinded eyes,
Turned the waves of diversion,
Paved a way of diligence in shadowed life,
Coloured and added rainbow to her life.

 She stood alone to fight the tornado,
And bring the atmosphere of freedom to her,
Dried within with the deception,
She commenced her life a move forward.

Her mind left her at her own,
For she was deceived and eyes were blinded,
But now she is back as one,
For that I salute you my friend.

 [came out with this idea after going through my friends blog,,,, :)]