Monday, April 28, 2014

freetime words,,,,

                                 Midnight Dance

Shadow less dance in the clear blue sky,

Rhythm of mesmerising gest of music,

Swings with the paramount breeze,

Chilling and chirping night passed by,

Night angle with its melancholy voice,

Sore the night up,

And drew peace in it.

Vowed by the oath,

Captured by the blissful thought,

Danced the paramour in the clear blue sky.

Dear and dare the midnight dance,

Bring in the lost soul of life,

Let the soul dance with you,

Like the shadow less dance in the clear blue sky.

Swinging with the rhythm of music,

Lost in their soul, but

Held in their thoughts,

Danced the paramour in the clear blue sky.

Night is young but destiny is far and have miles to go.


Thursday, October 10, 2013

Crying???? NO!!! Trying??? YES! YES! YES!!!!

Glare vision perpetuates the colour around,
Lifted heart that once drowned deep,
In the ocean of deception,
Paved a way out, bold with suppressive manipulation.

Drifting tear from her blinded eyes,
Turned the waves of diversion,
Paved a way of diligence in shadowed life,
Coloured and added rainbow to her life.

 She stood alone to fight the tornado,
And bring the atmosphere of freedom to her,
Dried within with the deception,
She commenced her life a move forward.

Her mind left her at her own,
For she was deceived and eyes were blinded,
But now she is back as one,
For that I salute you my friend.

 [came out with this idea after going through my friends blog,,,, :)]

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

My random thoughts:

I shall fly the plane of redemption,
and shall shore the sea of contemplation,
revive the pain of dejection,
and shall live the way I am to live.

you travel the path I don't take,
you speak language that I cant speak,
you follow dream that I never thought,
but still I follow the path that you lead.

my feet finds no thorn when I follow you,
my eyes never blinks when I see you,
you have taken me far away,
from where I cant make my way back.

I see myself falling apart,
begging you the seed of consignment,
for you have taken me far,
I need to find my way back.

lets reap the grain of fellowship,
and sail the dream of friendship,
pray the wisdom of loveliness,
and salute the days with youthful thoughts.


Monday, August 5, 2013

drive my life,,,,,,,

horizon has its charm held with it,
blessed with seemingly beauty,
travels the road of destiny,
to seek the paradigm of life.

we shall never part was the promise,
but the fate has its own destiny,
can't escape what it brings,
so got to live in disguise.

the ocean seems to be too big,
but when you be the anchor of me,
I shall never fear the mighty ocean,
for you are the anchor of my life.

I shall travel the road alone,
but shall never forget you,
rather cherish the days with you,
for you are the anchor of my life.

far from the horizon,
I hear your footsteps approaching,
It enchants me with our memory,
for you are the anchor of my life.

days are never too far,
for us to cherish those old days,
and shall cherish and never perish,
for you are the anchor of my life.

this post might seems to be written to someone dear to me, yes it is!!! for all my dear friends,,,,,
because they are the "ANCHOR OF MY LIFE".

Friday, July 26, 2013

the misty island.....

In a misty island I was standing on the couch that my father built for me when I was just a kid. We use to go there time to time just to find that the misty island wasn't missing my absence. I carry with me a bunch of flowers and of course sweet chocolate. It so happened one day that while I was just about to leave the mysterious place, through the mist appeared light. I was amazed to see it because it was first time I found a companion in that place. Though scared I stood where I was as I was curious to see who was it?

Light appeared closer, brighter and through the mist I saw what I called mystery lass. I moved closer to the light to have a words with her, to do that I collected all courage that I have and just walk ahead. Due to nervousness I never knew how I started that talk, the moment I felt I am good with it, I heard,
"I was just talking a walk, so what are you doing?"
That voice was so enchanting that I just forgot to answer her, but she brought me back,
"Hey are you with me?"
"Oh! I was just lost, so what where you asking me?", I replied with shattering voice.

By then I was confident enough to talk to her. Had a very delightful chat but everything changed its turn when she said, "Would you hold me and take for a walk?"
I blinked my eyes and pinched myself.
"Ouch!". I knew I was not dreaming. Again she said, "Did I offend you?".
I could say nothing but just, "No,, not so. I am glad to hear that,,, my pleasure dear".

I held her hand, it was so warm that I remembered the warmth of my moms lap. We took a walk for a while but luck didn't favour us. Everything was invisible and we just fell down, but by the time I opened my eyes I found myself on the floor holding my pillow tight. Then I came to know that I was just dreaming, probably the craziest dream ever.


Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Dear life,

I missed the moment when we were just a lamp of flesh, we knew nothing about what bad is, all we knew that time was truth. Never did we lie those days, most says that we had direct connection with god. That is what everybody says the moment of innocence.

I once saw a bamboo bud growing nearby and year later I found that it has grown to a full shoot, on contrary it, I found that the shoot was doping down to earth, I was really sad to see that the bamboo grew old just in one year. You know, you and I have been travelling together and experienced lot about what goes around us but the feeling of growing old has never over power our greed, so do you feel that we are travelling right direction?

One night I was just trying to close my eyes to see what tomorrow has got for me, suddenly I saw a wall lizard moving gently and approaching its prey, to my surprise I saw that concentration that the lizard has put was rewarded, poor moth was in his mouth,,,

Ah!! I just remembered about ant’s teamwork, the way they put together their effort to take a piece of grain from far off place to their home, most find it amazing but to me it’s just fool doing foolishness, what I find in it is that they are wasting their energy, the reason they search food is to gain energy but they lose energy in doing it, that is foolishness,,,

I miss those days when we use to take watermelon and the way that we played with the seeds, we use to tease each other with the seeds, by blowing it to each other. The night walk where we feared the presence of ghost and we use to have the fresh night air despite the fear of dark, should I call those moment a night phobia??

Feels like I am going bit too much into what I can’t afford to have, but nevertheless let’s pray that those moment come back to us.

Looking forward to see those moments……





Saturday, May 18, 2013

just me.........

Remedy of life is never going to change unless we put the first step. Everything seems going well when viewed from outside but deep within, its just filled with sorrow, grief, frustration and so on,,, life we see as of now is what we were during our youth,, we came as a lamp of flesh and will soon perish like a bliss of wind,,, so here I question, "is it uncertainty?".

Love has put everything forth, it added charm in life. Life could have been merely a fairy tale or the sweet song that our mom use to sing for us till our eyes are close. The fairy tale that we use to enjoy the most seems to have no validity,,,, this is the state of our mind. if you turn your clock back and question yourself, "did love bring change in me?", the answer is obvious,,,, i.e. big "YES". Now its us who should think did it really make me do that I am suppose to do?,,, here the answer itself is in commotion,, so here I question the "validity of love?".

Right now I walk to class with my friends and we share hell lot of thing, we never think what tomorrow will bring,,,, that is the way life has been followed. We never ask our self, we are always after enjoyment,, and here we forget what sorrow is? So it becomes troublesome to us when we confront it because we were never ready for it,,,,, but life has to go on.

our mind is preoccupied, we are always with the past though we say, "let go the past". we need to enjoy past, past is memory and life without memory is hell not a life, but the thing is past shouldn't override your mind, it creates loneliness,,,,, learning from past is best because past is always the best teacher,,,,,

Situation demands moving forward but how can a bird with one wing fly,,,, everybody needs help and here I question the validity of interdependence? lets create a heaven within one self and mark every milestone that we take with integrity,,,,,,,

                                                 thank you.....