Saturday, May 18, 2013

just me.........

Remedy of life is never going to change unless we put the first step. Everything seems going well when viewed from outside but deep within, its just filled with sorrow, grief, frustration and so on,,, life we see as of now is what we were during our youth,, we came as a lamp of flesh and will soon perish like a bliss of wind,,, so here I question, "is it uncertainty?".

Love has put everything forth, it added charm in life. Life could have been merely a fairy tale or the sweet song that our mom use to sing for us till our eyes are close. The fairy tale that we use to enjoy the most seems to have no validity,,,, this is the state of our mind. if you turn your clock back and question yourself, "did love bring change in me?", the answer is obvious,,,, i.e. big "YES". Now its us who should think did it really make me do that I am suppose to do?,,, here the answer itself is in commotion,, so here I question the "validity of love?".

Right now I walk to class with my friends and we share hell lot of thing, we never think what tomorrow will bring,,,, that is the way life has been followed. We never ask our self, we are always after enjoyment,, and here we forget what sorrow is? So it becomes troublesome to us when we confront it because we were never ready for it,,,,, but life has to go on.

our mind is preoccupied, we are always with the past though we say, "let go the past". we need to enjoy past, past is memory and life without memory is hell not a life, but the thing is past shouldn't override your mind, it creates loneliness,,,,, learning from past is best because past is always the best teacher,,,,,

Situation demands moving forward but how can a bird with one wing fly,,,, everybody needs help and here I question the validity of interdependence? lets create a heaven within one self and mark every milestone that we take with integrity,,,,,,,

                                                 thank you.....

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  1. I can feel your expression from bottom of your heart. How have you been nowadays? Hope you are doing great now. You've written nice poems too... Keep writing Namsyul!!!