Saturday, May 18, 2013

just a bluff,,,,,,,,,


Glaring light dimmed its way,

Just to find crater heart within,

Behold! Listen to the song it sings,

In sweet and melancholy voice.

The song seems familiar.

Through the shattering heart the verse says,

"Oh god! Thank you for the peace,

The peace that came from loving her".

The song went on for long,

Melody chanted verse for long,

I couldn’t understand what it meant,

But I am sure that it was the cry of heart.

Stood on the ground below me,

Listening to that melancholy song,

Deep within I felt the pain that it brought,

I was lost in midst of nowhere.

Melody continued on with the next verse,

Sad and shattered again it says,

"Almighty! Give her the happiness that we get,

When we love someone".

Listening to it I forgot what I was to do,

Took long sigh and I moved on,

With nothing inside me,

But only the melancholy song with me.

                             Thank you.


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