Friday, July 26, 2013

the misty island.....

In a misty island I was standing on the couch that my father built for me when I was just a kid. We use to go there time to time just to find that the misty island wasn't missing my absence. I carry with me a bunch of flowers and of course sweet chocolate. It so happened one day that while I was just about to leave the mysterious place, through the mist appeared light. I was amazed to see it because it was first time I found a companion in that place. Though scared I stood where I was as I was curious to see who was it?

Light appeared closer, brighter and through the mist I saw what I called mystery lass. I moved closer to the light to have a words with her, to do that I collected all courage that I have and just walk ahead. Due to nervousness I never knew how I started that talk, the moment I felt I am good with it, I heard,
"I was just talking a walk, so what are you doing?"
That voice was so enchanting that I just forgot to answer her, but she brought me back,
"Hey are you with me?"
"Oh! I was just lost, so what where you asking me?", I replied with shattering voice.

By then I was confident enough to talk to her. Had a very delightful chat but everything changed its turn when she said, "Would you hold me and take for a walk?"
I blinked my eyes and pinched myself.
"Ouch!". I knew I was not dreaming. Again she said, "Did I offend you?".
I could say nothing but just, "No,, not so. I am glad to hear that,,, my pleasure dear".

I held her hand, it was so warm that I remembered the warmth of my moms lap. We took a walk for a while but luck didn't favour us. Everything was invisible and we just fell down, but by the time I opened my eyes I found myself on the floor holding my pillow tight. Then I came to know that I was just dreaming, probably the craziest dream ever.


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